How To Create A Natural Pinkish Glow To The Cheeks

When you are always on the go and don't have enough time to put on makeup, then apply a brush of blush on your cheeks and a dash of lipstick to those smackers to instantly give you that fresh and radiant look on your face. A blush is one of the ultimate beauty essentials all women should have and know how to put on just right.

If the blush makeup is not applied right, it could result in you more looking like a clown. You just have to apply it in such a way that the blush color on your cheeks will have a natural rosy radiance look. Just read on the following tips and you will sure become an expert in no time on grabbing a quick brush of blush on your cheeks that will give you that instant glowing effect.

There are actually different shades of blush made to match every skin tone. For fair skin tones, a rose-colored blush will look great. For darker skin tones, apricot or red blush color suits best. Usually, you have to match the color of the blush with the color of your natural blush as much as possible so as to accentuate your natural flushed color.

Also, there are different formulas of blush that would suit every skin type. There is the powdered formula that works best with oily and combo skin types. The cream blush-on formula is suited for dry skin. And the liquid and gel formulas are for those with oily skin types. Also, there is the blush-on stain type that is great if you have a well-moisturized skin. To help the blush color stay longer for hours, blend or combine cream and powder blush formulas together.

After you have already decided on the right color and formula of blush to apply on your cheeks, get your makeup brush (if powdered formula) or your fingers and dab some blush to the apples of your cheeks. You can finish the look by applying on translucent powder over your blush. By the way, you should organize your makeup brushes in such a way wherein there is a different brush for every kind of makeup. This means that you should have a different brush for applying on blush and another for applying on powder.